I am part flower, part youth,
part winter, part firefly,

part grace, part solstice,
part aria, part lament.

I am, most of all,
growing more and more myself

I have knees that scrape
and bloody
when I beg for mercy.
(Much like yours.)
I have eyes that could cry
tears enough to fill
all the seas of the world.
(Much like yours.)
I have heart breaks
when tragedy strikes,
a heart that bleeds
when betrayed,
a heart that leaps
when in love.
(Much like yours.)
I am sister to the world,
to all men and women,
and daughter of the world.
I am sibling to the earth
and sky.
(Much like you.)
My wrath brings pain,
my smile brings joy,
my power is unfound.
(Much like you.)

Concerning Alice-

I was born under the sign of Aries with Cancer rising.

I'll never willingly move out of the U.S. west coast.

I love deserts and oceans more than mountains and forest.

I think snow is unnatural, having grown up in the desert.

People say I'm kooky, and I'll be the first to agree.

I write like a madwoman on crack- woe befalls he or she who must decipher my handwriting.

I'm younger than most people think.

I'm quite perverted and risque at times.

I have a potty mouth.

I also spend way too much time on this webpage.

I can be narcissistic and vain, egotistical and unyielding.

But hey, at least I'm honest.

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